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Graduate of the Trial Lawyers College at Thunderhead Ranch.

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Attorney Emily M. Detoto

Whether you’re facing criminal charges for a misdemeanor or a serious felony offense, you have rights that need to be protected, the presumption of innocence on your side, and the right to question your accuser. To ensure that your rights are protected, defended, and that you’re afforded an opportunity to fight the government’s accusations, you’ll need a seasoned lawyer on your side to ensure an opportunity for optimal results.

The Texas Warrior Lawyer

Attorney Emily Detoto has built her reputation as a go-to defense attorney for defendants facing the most serious of criminal charges in Harris County, and throughout Texas.

An attorney who is Board Certified® in criminal law, a distinction awarded by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, you can take solace in knowing you’re represented by a defense attorney that’s been vetted as highly competent. Emily is a fighter and won’t sell you down the plea-bargain river at a moment’s notice.

It’s Tough To Beat A Lawyer Who Never Gives Up

We Never Give Up On a Client or a Case

Who Will Stand For Your Rights?

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We at The Law Office of Emily Detoto invite you to contact us for a consultation about your case. Our law firm stands for the rights of those accused of serious criminal offenses which include felony, misdemeanor, federal, and capital offenses.

We pride ourselves in being well prepared, respected as professionals, and passionate about being excellent attorneys for our clients during trials and other trying circumstances.

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We Don’t Give In, or Give Up

During your time of legal need, you’ll need an attorney who will be there for you and your loved ones each step of the way. Houston criminal defense lawyer Emily Detoto is the legal mind that you need in your corner.

If you were accused of a criminal offense, you’ll need expert counsel to ensure that you receive a fair trial and that all of your rights are respected and protected.

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Full Service Legal Defense

Whether You’re Convicted or Not.

Whether you’re facing criminal charges for murder, drug possession, rape/sexual assault, or robbery, or burglary, Emily Detoto will be there for you. The Law Office of Emily Detoto is also ready to help you with military criminal defense matters and court martials.

Just because you were accused of an offense doesn’t mean you’ll be convicted, or that you’re convictable.

Criminal Appeals & Post Conviction

Our legal team also provides post-conviction relief, ensuring that the appeals process and other matters following a conviction are properly set in motion.

Schedule your initial legal consultation with Houston criminal defense lawyer Emily Detoto today. We look forward to discussing your case and assisting you and your loved ones during this difficult period in your lives.

Weapon Offenses

We’ll defend your rights for the sake of ours.

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Even after conviction, you have options.

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