Sex Crime Offenses

Whether Falsely Accused or Not, Defend Yourself

Sex crimes have grown to become a major challenge for both the defendant and the accused. The most damage is done when an innocent person is accused of such an act. If you were charged with a sex crime call me. I’m Emily Detoto, an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Common Sex Crime Cases We Handle

Sex Offender Registration

Whether you're fighting for sex-offender deregistration or another matter, our legal team can help you. Contact Emily Detoto if you have any questions about how we may be able to help you.

Sexual Assault Cases

If you or a loved one were accused of rape or sexual assault you'll need immediate legal representation and a bond reduction lawyer. Call our legal team at 713-227-2244. We're here for you.


In most instances prostitution charges are misdemeanor criminal offenses, however, some cases will be prosecuted as a felony.If you need to consult with an attorney an need our help, reach out to us.

Improper Photography-Recording

We've handled false allegations of voyeurism and have served as main chair for mental patients improperly accused of stalking and peeping. Our legal team can you if you're facing such a charge. Call us for help.

Sexual Solicitation of a Minor

Often a subjective charge, many claims of sexual solicitation of a minor are baseless and predicated on other hidden motives. If facing such a charge, secure legal representation quickly.

Improper Relationship (Teacher/Student)

If you're an educator or a teacher who stands accused of engaging in an improper relationship with a student, contact Attorney Emily Detoto immediately by calling our office direct, at 713-227-4477.

Possession of Child Pornography

A serious criminal charge, hundreds of people that are accused of possession of child pornography are guilty of nothing more than loaning out their electronic device or purchasing a used one.

Sexual Assault of a Child

A number of our clients where accused of child sexual assault during divorce disputes, while others were guilty as charged. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, we can help.