Sexual Solicitation of a Minor

In Texas, a person can be arrested for having conversations of a sexual nature with a child under the age of 17. A largely subjective criminal charge, it’s good that our legal system generally operates under the pretense that the accused are innocent until proven guilt.

Legal Representation is Imperative

You Have Too Much To Lose

Due to the subjective nature of criminal charges alleging the sexual solicitation of a minor, having an experienced attorney on your side is paramount.

Retaining legal representation is the best way to ensure fair treatment of your case by the court, that your rights were and are protected and were not violated during any police investigation that occurred, and that you’ll have your own professional reviewing the alleged evidence against you, or the lack thereof.

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Sexual Solicitation of a Minor & Texas Law

Definitions & Criminal Penalties

Texas law defines “sexual solicitation of a minor” as engaging in “sexually explicit” communication with a minor. Sexually explicit communication can occur online, in person, or in any way that one may interact in any form of communication with a minor.

An example of this can include sexting or leaving a sexually suggestive image where a child under the age of 17 can find it. Another example could be engaging in a text or verbal chat in which sexually explicit content or subjects were discussed. Also, you can be convicted whether or not you met or intended to meet with the alleged victim.

If convicted of the offense, punishment is assessed under 3rd Degree Felony guidelines, unless a minor under the age of 14 was targeted by the defendant, in which case the charge is a 2nd Degree Felony.

Serious Allegations Justify a Serious Defense

Emily Detoto, Texas Warrior Lawyer

Attorney Emily Detoto is the leader and founder of the Law Office of Emily Detoto. Accusations of solicitation of a minor for sex are serious sex crime charges, which could result in stiff prison sentencing and a lifetime sex offender registration requirement if convicted.

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