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Prostitution, Solicitation of Prostitution, Promotion of Prostitution, and Aggravated Prostitution are considered sex crimes, that will be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances of the alleged incident.

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Prostitution & Texas Law

Texas law defines prostitution as when a man or woman offers or agrees to sell sex for cash or another form of fee, in a public place. The charge can apply whether sex occurred or not, and can be charged on the basis of either a solicitation of prostitution, or the promotion of such.

A public place should be considered any area that the public has access to, or had access to at the time of the offense. A public place could be a street, a retail establishment, educational institutions, apartment complexes, or any other place the public, or a large group of people, have access to.

Prosecuted Offenses

Prostitution: Knowingly engaging in the sell of sex or the solicitation of sex for a fee.
Solicitation of Prostitution: Attempting to purchase sex in a public place.
(Class B Misdemeanor) Habitual offenders face a real potential of enhancement to Class A Misdemeanor or State Jail Felony status.

Promotion of Prostitution: Also referred to as Aggravated Prostitution, is defined as a prostitution enterprise involving two or more people.
(3rd Degree Felony) Habitual offenders, and offenders who “compelled” prostitution, face the potential of a case enhancement to 2nd Degree Felony status. 1st Degree Felony charges will apply if a minor was employed as prostitute.

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