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Usually, teacher-student relationships are limited to that of a professional nature. However, more and more teachers are finding themselves accused of engaging in an on-going affair with a student. Although it seems like every other week a teacher in Texas is charged with some form of a sexual offense involving a student, and even though accusations of this nature are grotesque, charges and allegations are hardly indicative of guilt.

That’s what the court system is for.

If you’re an educational professional in or near Greater Houston, there are a number of options available to you if you’re the target of an allegation involving an improper relationship with a student.

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Texas Law & Educator/Student Relationships

Texas law is explicit. Sexual relations between a teacher (or other employee of a school district) and a student are prohibited, even if the student is of legal age. In addition, the law was upgraded in 2011 to bar teacher-student relationships within the same school district as opposed to just the same school.

SPECIAL NOTE: For the purposes of this essay, teacher/educator should be taken to mean anyone in the employ of the school district where the child attends school.

Are you a Houston area teacher that was accused of being engaged in an improper relationship with a student in your school district? If you’re convicted of such an offense you’ll not only lost your privilege to practice your profession, but you’ll also face punishment under second degree felony guidelines and be forced to register as a sex offender.

As an attorney in Houston since 1996, I’ve seen many cases where overly-concerned parents jumped the gun, and assumed that a friendly exchange between a teacher and a student to be of sexual or inappropriate nature. Perfect timing with a lack of context can even make an unflowered rose seem like an army of spiteful thorns.

We’ve also seen cases where students have made outlandish accusations against teachers they may not favor, for the sake of spite. We don’t recommend considering any plea options without first consulting with our legal team.

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