Burglary charges can create an understandable and uncomfortable anxiety among defendants facing the Texas penal system. This is natural.

If convicted, the defendant will have a number of challenges to contend with which will include a fine, a criminal record, and the worst, a jail sentence.

If you or a loved one was accused of burgling a premise, and if you’re hoping to learn more about your options for staging a legal fight to such a charge, Attorney Emily Detoto will answer your questions and offer a number of solutions for your situation.

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Houston Burglary Cases & Texas Law

Burgling a Home or Building

The Texas Penal Code defines burglary as entering a habitation, building, or remaining concealed in one without the consent of the property owner for the purpose of committing theft, assault, or a felony.

In the State of Texas, burglary is a felony offense that’s usually classified as a State Jail Felony unless a home or habitation was burglarized. In which case the charge is classified as a 2nd Degree Felony. It’s also worth noting that offenders with any related criminal history may have their criminal charge enhanced to a higher level of criminal classification.

With the potential for a 20-year prison sentence, finding the right Houston defense lawyer for your burglary case is imperative. If you’re ready to consult with a proven attorney about your situation, don’t hesitate to contact our office at 713-227-2244.

Burglarizing a Vehicle

Burglary of a vehicle (or a coin operated machine) is classified as a Class A Misdemeanor in Texas. Per Texas law, a vehicle is considered to be any device that can be used for the transportation of people or property. Again, if the defendant has any related criminal history their case may be enhanced in criminal classification.

If you or a loved one are facing prosecution for a theft crime you’ll be better off with an experienced lawyer on your side that will help you fight the charge if you’re innocent, or if you’re admittedly guilty, to help you avoid the worst possible sentence. Emily Detoto is that lawyer.

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