Capital Murder

Homicide incidents, although quite serious, are far more momentous in the cases of murder and capital murder. When a person is charged with a capital offense, it’s best to have a seasoned defense attorney on your side for the best chance of avoiding the worst sentencing possible in Texas; the death penalty.

In some cases, homicide is justified. When a person kills someone for breaking in and entering their home, in self-defense, or in defense of another, homicide is 100% legal.

In other cases excluding accidents, when a person kills another person for whatever reason, they’ll be charged with some form of a criminal homicide offense.

If certain conditions are met, the defendant may be charged with Capital Murder.

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When Murder Becomes a Capital Offense

Capital Murder Charges & Texas Law

Capital Murder charges may apply if any of the following is true;

  • a homicide occurred during the commission of another felony,
  • a person was killed in a murder-for-hire scheme,
  • a public servant was killed,
  • more than 1 person was murdered,
  • a child under the age of 10 was killed,
  • and if a person was killed during an escape from a prison or detention center.

Considering the severity of the punishment for defendants adjudged guilty in the court of law for capital murder, speaking with a criminal defense lawyer that has the skill and tact needed to litigate delicate cases of this magnitude successfully is paramount.

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Fighting Allegations of Capital Murder

Potential Defense Strategies for the Accused

Sometimes, the only way to avoid the death penalty or a life sentence is the be found not guilty during trial, get the case dismissed, or have questionable evidence thrown out.

Attorney Emily Detoto, an experienced Texas Capital Murder defense lawyer, is well aware of the best methods for fighting such allegations in court. Raising doubt in the mind of jurors is our main objective. As long as there is reasonable doubt that you committed the offense, the jury cannot and should not convict.

Poking holes in the State’s case by effectively cross-examining witness may also prove key in your case right along with determining if your rights were violated as a result of shoddy police work. In other cases police may arrest the wrong person, in which case we’ll need to provide and prove an alibi or that another person committed the crime.

Depending on the details of your case there may be a number of possibilities for us to find a way out for you. Attorney Emily Detoto is proficient in this area of law, and invites you to schedule a 100% confidential consultation with us immediately by calling our legal team at 713-227-2244.

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