White Collar Offenses

If you were caught red-handed, accused of a white collar crime and think your back is against the wall, don’t panic; it might not be.

Being slanderously accused of involvement in any form of white-collar criminal activity is a serious ordeal that can cost you your freedom. Only consider an experienced attorney for such cases. Fighting serious charges of white-collar criminal activity is best left in the hands of an accomplished criminal-defense lawyer.

Attorney Emily Detoto can help you.

If you’re facing prosecution for embezzlement, wire fraud, or any form of financial or theft crime, I urge you to stop by my office and have a confidential visit with my legal team. I’m Emily Detoto. I’ll fight for you. Contact The Law Office of Emily Detoto by calling 713-227-2244.

Fighting White Collar Criminal Charges

Intricate Cases Call For A Detailed Approach

When a person is accused of a white-collar criminal offense they’re usually facing multi-count indictments related to a fraud perpetrated for financial gain. In essence, a highly sophisticated theft offense or trust violation. Often, when a company is losing money, its principals will look for scapegoat leading to a criminal investigation when there probably shouldn’t be. In other cases, we’ve represented people alleged to have committed a criminal offense on the basis of an honest mistake, or worse, incompetence.

Making an honest mistake, a bad business deal, or being incompetent is one thing, but being accused of criminal activity is a different concept altogether. If you’re facing allegations of a white-collar offense reach out Attorney Emily Detoto today, by calling 713-227-2244.

More on White-Collar Charges

The term “white-collar” crime is often attached to criminal schemes aimed at stealing money or intellectual properties from a company, defraud the government, or the perpetration of some form of sophisticated theft or deception for gain. Below, we’ve listed a few examples of offenses that may be defined as a white collar crime.

  • Fraud, Falsification of Financial Documents
  • Income Tax Evasion
  • International Schemes
  • Computer & Internet Crimes
  • Public Corruption
  • Embezzlement
  • Computer & Banking Fraud
  • Wire or Mail Fraud

Whether the charge is prosecuted at the federal or state level largely depends on the nature of the crime and/or how broad and far-reaching its scope. Regardless of the complexities of the alleged crime, The Law Office of Emily Detoto is highly adept at litigating complex criminal cases, and we pride ourselves in taking a detailed approach to the defense of each of our clients.

Accused of a White Collar Crime in Houston?

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Aside from fighting for your exoneration, Attorney Emily Detoto will also fight to ensure that your reputation isn’t destroyed by allegations of business related crimes. Attorney Emily Detoto is as effective representing our clients in the face of TV cameras and reporters as she is in court.

If you’re looking for an attorney that’s qualified to advocate on your behalf, that has a record of winning, look no further than Attorney Emily Detoto.

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