In Texas, an individual can be charged with Robbery (Second Degree Felony) if they used threats, violence, implied violence, and/or a weapon to take another person’s property.

Houston Robbery LawyerA number of the people who are implicated in robberies by eyewitnesses and cameras are often victims themselves, of mistaken identity.

To make matters worse, if the victim of the robbery was a senior citizen or a handicapped person, the charge will be enhanced to Aggravated Robbery (First Degree Felony), which could result in an effective life sentence.

A robbery charge is a serious matter in Texas. If you need to consult with a proven robbery defense lawyer in Houston about your case contact our law firm today by calling 713-227-2244 and ask to speak with Attorney Emily Detoto. You have options, but you’ll need an attorney who can execute them. We’ll be your legal representation.

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Robbery, like burglary and shoplifting, at its heart is a theft offense.

The implications of being charged and convicted of a theft-crime may suggest character flaws and a questionable moral compass on your part, which may affect your career options and your reputation.

It could also result in a stiff prison sentence.

Legal Representation Makes a Difference

If you’re innocent and find yourself mixed up in a robbery investigation, it’s in your best interest to contact a qualified defense attorney like Emily Detoto as soon as possible. Having effective legal representation could mean the difference between being formally charged or not.

If charged with robbery, sound counsel could mean the difference between being exonerated if you’re innocent, or being maximally sentenced as outlined by criminal classification guidelines if you’re found guilty.

Poorly represented defendants, that are convicted, may face the maximum lawful sentence.

Well represented defendants, that are convicted, could be out in less than a few years.

If you’re innocent, call me at 713-227-2244.

Potential Defenses to Robbery Charges

Robbery and Aggravated Robbery charges are taken seriously by the State of Texas. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office will engage in a relentless attempt to secure a conviction, however, we’ll have a few proven strategies to dodge such attempts. If there’s a lack of evidence, or a lack of evidence clearly identifying you as the perpetrator of said offense, you’ll walk. Even if the evidence goes missing or if you were the legal owner of the property subjected to robbery, no crime occurred.

Was what occurred even a robbery? Did you take something without force or evocation of fear? Under Texas Law, this isn’t robbery.

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