Improper Photography-Recording

As a Houston lawyer since 1996, I’ve represented a number of people accused of Improper Photography or Visual Recording. Some of these people should have never been charged with a crime, while others were criminally charged due to a lack of responsibility or “poor decision making.”

The legal standard for a guilty adjudgement in a criminal case for Improper Photography requires the prosecutors to prove that the recording was motivated by sexual satisfaction, making it a sex-crime.

This is where having the right Houston attorney on your side can make all the difference.

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Improper Photography or Visual Recording

The State of Texas & The Law

You can be charged with Improper Photography or Visual Recording in Texas if you captured images or video of another person without their permission, and allowed it to be seen in or transmitted from a common place or a private place.

Another standard for the application of the charge is to have captured said imagery without the other person’s permission, and/or for the purpose of sexual stimulus or to invade another person’s privacy.

Improper Photography or Visual Recording is classified as a State Jail Felony in the State of Texas.

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When facing criminal charges for Improper Photography or Visual Recording, it’s easy for the Harris County prosecutor to paint the offender as a profligate with sexual motives.

With Emily Detoto as your criminal defense lawyer, you can expect her not only to fight to defend your rights and work to mitigate the charge but also to fight in defense of your character, and the perception of such, in court.

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