Syrup & Ecstasy Related Cases

If you’re a native Houstonian, Texan, have lived in Greater Houston for any period of time in recent years, or are aware of the culture of our great city, then you’ve heard of syrup-sippers, lean, and various forms of pills like ecstasy (molly) and percocet. If you’re arrested for possession of either of these substances you’ll need an experienced attorney on your side that has experience defending people charged with felonious drug offenses.

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Codeine & Texas Law

Often referred to as syrup, lean, drank, barre, purple stuff, sizzurp, drizank, or Texas tea, promethazine (phenergan) and codeine are the active ingredients in the concoction with codeine being the illegal substance. Any criminal charge related to promethazine or codeine is at minimal, a State Jail Felony offense.

Codeine is considered a dangerous drug in Texas and is, by law, a controlled substance. If you’re arrested for the possession of “syrup” or a mixture of lean in other liquids, you should be aware that the drug is in the same Penalty Group (PG1) as heroin, cocaine, and a number of other drugs deemed dangerous by the Texas Health & Safety Code.

Ecstasy & Texas Law

Often termed as a party drug, ecstasy periodically peaks in popularity, resulting in a spike of related criminal cases in Houston. Unlike some states, the State of Texas explicitly lists Ecstasy (MDMA) as a scheduled controlled substance. Ecstasy is a PG2 drug, which means a felony drug case if you’re arrested for the possession of any amount of the drug.

If you’re arrested for the possession of an excessively large quantity of the drug, was arrested on federal property or engaged in interstate drug trafficking, you may face federal charges. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, if you need help, Attorney Emily Detoto is ready to help you.

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