Heroin Possession

When a person is arrested for any drug offense involving heroin, it will mean felony charges in the State of Texas. The stakes are raised if the defendant was selling heroin, or has a criminal record indicative of their being a habitual drug offender.

Since heroin and other opioids are considered dangerous, highly addictive drugs and a scourge on society, a defendant can expect fierce prosecution, especially if they’re dealing or trafficking in heroin.

Attorney Emily Detoto and the resources of the Law Office of Emily Detoto are on your side if you’re facing jail time for possession, manufacture or distribution of heroin, opioids or other morphine derivatives.

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Heroin Addiction: A Crime or Disease?

It May Be Possible to Avoid Jail

Opioids are the main ingredients in most drugs intended to relieve pain. Many people who had no intention of becoming an illicit-drug addict, became addicted to opioids after being prescribed pain-relief medication by physicians, only to later develop an addiction to them.

It’s common for physicians to prescribe powerful pain medication to medical patients who are suffering from excruciating pain caused by serious injuries.

It may be possible to avoid a jail-sentence if you’re arrested and convicted in connection with heroin. In Harris County, TX there are programs available aimed at rehabilitating people suffering from substance abuse. Depending on your criminal history and the circumstances surrounding your case, it may be possible to avoid jail time and have the record expunged in the future.

If you need helping getting your life together as it relates to dealing with the woes associated with heroin, working with the Law Office of Emily Detoto is a good first step.

Criminal Penalties for Heroin Possession

If you’re a habitual drug offender, or if you were caught selling, manufacturing (packaging), or distributing heroin, you’ll face severe penalties in the State of Texas. Below, we’ve outlined the potential punishments for persons adjudged guilty in the court of law.

Weight Class Penalty Max Fine
Less than 1 Gram
State Jail Felony 180D - 2YR State Jail $10,000.00
1 - 3.99 Grams
3rd Degree Felony 2 to 10YR TDC $10,000.00
4 - 199 Grams
2st Degree Felony 2 to 20YR TDC $10,000.00
200 - 399 Grams
1st Degree Felony
10 to 99YR TDC $10,000.00
Over 400 Grams
E. 1st Degree Felony
15 to 99YR TDC $100,000.00

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Such credentials means that you’re being represented by an above average lawyer, who has received the required number of recommendations from judges, prosecutors, and other esteemed defense attorneys as to her skill and effectiveness as a counselor.

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