Cocaine Possession Cases

No matter where you are in the United States, if you’re arrested for the possession of cocaine or crack-cocaine you’ll have to contend with a serious felony criminal charge. The State of Texas and the United States of America remains harsh when penalizing the guilty for cocaine related drug offenses.

Cocaine Offenses in Harris County

Addiction: A Crime or Disease?

Although the perspectives of some lawmakers are changing to viewing addiction as a disease rather than a crime, you’ll still be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if found guilty of being in possession of any amount of cocaine.

This is especially true if the defendant is poorly represented, or not represented at all.

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Cocaine Distribution

A person who is arrested or under investigation for the manufacture or distribution of cocaine or crack-cocaine is facing an uphill battle without the guidance of an accomplished defense attorney who knows how to challenge evidence and identify violations of your constitutional rights. If successful, you case could be dismissed.

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If facing federal charges in connection with a cocaine distribution conspiracy, federal prosecutors don’t even need to prove that you were in possession of the drug, but only that you had knowledge of some or all of the drug trafficking operation. Federal charges are different from state charges in a lot of ways.

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Facing Jail Time for Cocaine in Houston?

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