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A Full Service Criminal Defense Law Firm

The Law Office of Emily Detoto is renown for success when defending Houstonians and other Texans who stand charged with serious criminal offenses. Whether you were charged with a crime for the first time, or if this isn’t your first run-in with the law, it’s in your best interest to get a full understanding of your options prior to making a decision about how to move forward. We handle state and federal felony cases and few misdemeanors.

Even if you think you’re guilty as charged, you may not be convictable if there are problems with the evidence or if your rights were violated.

Theft Offenses

If you were accused of theft offense such as shoplifting, burglary, robbery, or even a white collar crime, The Law Office of Emily Detoto will provide you with numerous options to fight the charge or limit the potential for jail time should you choose to plea guilty.


Violent Crimes

We always advise our clients to take their case to trial if their life is on the line. Usually, when a violent act is committed against another person, there’s a good reason for it. Without the right attorney major mistakes are possible, and likely.


Drug Charges

Just because a person is accused of an offense should never imply that they’re guilty, only that they’ve been accused. Contact The Law Office of Emily Detoto if you were arrested for a drug offense in Houston, TX and need experienced defense counsel.


Criminal Appeals

Do you have a family member that was wrongfully convicted? Are you interested in learning more about having your criminal records sealed? We’re ready to help you with any and all post-conviction matters in need of attention. Reach out to us for help.


Sex Crimes

Accidental touching, statutory rape, and outright hate are among the main progenitors of sex related criminal charges. If you’re in trouble with the law due to accusations of a sex crime, call Emily now. Even if you’re innocent, you’ll need all the help you can get.


Weapon Offenses

There are a number of reasons that a person might be arrested for a weapon offense, some just while others aren’t. You’ll need experienced legal counsel if you’re facing state or federal gun charges. We’re here for you. Call Emily.